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Currently, gets approximately 1,600 unique visits a month (from Southern California to Dublin, Ireland) and growing. With an emphasis on short, to-the-point, informative posts, we’re always looking for contributors to introduce us to an artist, or to give us their opinion on an art or a topic related to suburbia.

The site is intended to connect people to local suburban artists that produce great art and/or artists from the city that have something to offer those who live in the suburbs.

Queries for Send a one paragraph query to Gia Hughes ( Go ahead and include a summary describing your article, an approximate length and a date that you think you could have it in our editor’s hands. [Note: You don’t have to query a story before submitting it. This is just in case you’d like to check your idea before you write the whole thing.]

Submissions for We prefer our submissions as Word attachments (we’d make the scotch joke again… but that’s lame). Your name and a 140 character or less bio should be included with your submission. Submissions to are – at this time – on a donation basis (byline and bio are compensation). Please double-check spelling and grammar before submitting. All articles will be edited for length, grammar, content, style and tone. Please send all submissions to

Dig this: We’re also looking for recurring columnists to write and report on every aspect of artistic life. Anything from frequent concert-goers, to art-business owners/practitioners is on our radar. Please send us your column ideas as a query.

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