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Let’s face it: Art, culture and community are all but dead in most of suburbia.

So we need your help. Here’s what we’re looking for: we need we’d love for you help us get the word out about the communities of people that create, appreciate, and celebrate art inside the suburbs.

Dig this: Sure we’re based north of Los Angeles in the quiet little city of Santa Clarita, but we’re not confined to this specific suburb. Proxart wants to see more art in every suburb, everywhere. So, by all means, if you live somewhere else, please contact us about getting involved. This Internet thing breaks down the walls that used to plague traditional collaboration (thanks, Al Gore!).

Click on a link below for any area of Proxart you might be interested in helping out:







This is for those who want to dig in deep. If you’re just looking to say hey, feel free to email us:

Download this page as a PDF (if you’re into that sorta thing).

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