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Holiday Gift Guide 2010 (No. 1)

November 27, 2010

Welp. It’s that time of year again, folks. Time to put up those [insert holiday here] lights, trim that [insert holiday here] tree, eat way too much in the company of your loved ones, and go into debt like you never have before! I mean, if you so choose. See, we here at Proxart believe believe that if you’re going to spend money and/or if you’re going to buy gifts that are “from the heart,” you might have to dig a bit deeper than the traditional “big box stores.” And, in an effort to spur you on towards the goal of supporting local/suburban artists, we’ve decided to help you out by doing a bit of the digging for you. So, where you might be able to buy that stock piece of wall art from Target, we guarantee you can get something better from somebody who’s putting some tender love and care into every piece.

Keep your RSS feed pointed this way, because we’ll be giving you a new list of some of our favorite creative, homemade gift ideas over the coming weeks. Consider this part 1 in a series of “xx.” (Also: if you’re an artist that makes/sells online, please send us a URL, or leave it in the comments!)

John T. Unger » Artisanal Firebowls

In California, winter hovers right around 65 degrees (we’re lucky – we know). Which means that, if you want to, you’re more than able to bundle up and take your holiday celebration outside to the porch. And, if you’re going to, and you’ve got the cash, we’d suggest taking it to the great outdoors with one of John T. Unger’s rad looking firebowls. Drawn and crafted completely by hand, no two are alike – which is good considering you’ll need to have about $999 to get yourself the smallest one.

Check out John’s site here, and follow him on Twitter here.


Benjamin Hunter Photography

Sometimes it makes me sick looking at Ben Hunter’s photography. As our resident staff phot0-guru-guy, Ben consistently shows off work that, I think, would make any (suburban) home just a little bit more hospitable. With a slew of 10×6 photos (shot mostly in film, mind you – no “Hipstamatic” here) covering “Nature on Film” and “NYC,” for $30 or less, you could pass on some year-round cheer to anybody with an eye for beauty.

Check out Ben’s website here, and follow him on Twitter here.


“Suburbs” T-shirt, by WoodCuTees (Etsy)

Ok, so I have to admit: I actually don’t know who this guys is. But, obviously, this design holds near and dear to us at Proxart being that it’s all about “the suburbs” – and because it’s so well done. The coolest thing about these shirts, though, has to be the process. Check it out: “All images are drawn onto board by me, carved with gouges by my hand, then inked and printed, using an etching press, by me. None of my shirts are silk screens and are definatly not mass produced. Each one is a hand printed piece of original artwork, wear it proudly.”

Rad. We’d suggest picking one of these up for your most ironic, suburban friends. Comes in guys or gals, for a measly $20.

Check out his woodcut t-shirt Etsy here, and his other Etsy (with art, etc) here.


That’s all for this week, folks. Check back (on our new website!) next Saturday for more.

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