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Rainy Day Options // LA

November 20, 2010

If, like us, you’re stuck in a suburb near LA and looking for something to stimulate your brain (and maybe some conversation) on this rainy So-Cal day, here are some not-so-far-away artistic options.

Exhibitions, speakers, “hustlin‘” opportunities – and all themed around the future of the animation in industry. It started yesterday, but it’s going on all day today, and tomorrow in Burbank.

By the way, did we mention that the uber-talented Frank Hansen is going to be there? Right. Now you want to go.

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Artist Cleon Peterson just opened his newest series, “DAYBREAK,” last night at New Image Art. To quote the press release:

The exhibition draws inspiration and its title from Nietzsche’s Daybreak: Reflections on Moral Prejudices. Like Nietzsche, Peterson presents a world in which contrasting schemes of morality result in eruptive hostility between social classes. In Nietzsche’s work, this dichotomy is described as master-slave morality: the tension between an overclass that values pride, wealth and strength and an underclass that values humility, piety and restraint. While Nietzsche claims that the people of the underclass choose this morality to soothe the cognitive dissonance of hegemony, Peterson’s “DAYBREAK” insinuates that through violence they are breaking free not only from their oppressors but an oppressive morality as well. This role reversal, however, creates an interesting dilemma: when a revolt upends the power structure, which sides do virtue and vice end up on? Can either class be considered virtuous if they literally beat the other to death with morals?

Definitely sounds interesting.

More info ⎜ Map

MOCA’s newest exhibit, “The Artist’s Museum,” opened up at the end of October and goes through the end of January. The exhibit explores the work of artists that have helped shape their last 30 years. Obviously, if you’re a contemporary art buff, this would be a great not-so-distant history lesson about the genre.

More info ⎜ Map

Of course, there are a quite a few local options* (for those of us in Santa Clarita) if you’d rather not put up with California’s freeway drivers re-learning how to drive in the rain (for the 1,000th time):

(* Before anybody gets their feelings hurt, it should be noted that the local options are only listed without photos/description/etc because I couldn’t find images. Not because they’re any less important.)

Did I miss something we should all be aware of? Do you live in another suburb and want to get the word out? Leave it in a comment!

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