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Randi Antonsen

October 31, 2010

Norwegian artist Randi Antonsen’s series, “Dark Silence in Suburbia,” provides an alternative view of where we are from. This series illustrates an isolation, fragility and aloofness that is a part of suburbia, while also highlighting the beauty of it.

Where are you from?

I come from northern Norway, far beyond the Arctic Circle. I grew up on an island called Senja. People live by fishing, which is the largest industry in the North. My childhood was free; I could run free in nature, wherever I wanted. I now live in the countryside in the middle of Norway.

What inspired “Dark Silence in Suburbia”?

The inspiration for this series I have taken from my mother. She was once a young woman full of hope for the future and love. I look at pictures from that time. She was interested in fashion and hair. At the same time, life was hard to live as neighbors to the North Pole.

Explain the title “Dark Silence in Suburbia”?

“Dark Silence in Suburbia” means to me both the physical distance to the center–where there are people, opportunities and life–but also the isolation people often feel within themselves for various reasons.

How has suburbia influenced you?

Suburbia means to me both peace and boredom. A double-edged sword. I am working on finding the balance between these points, because I think people have the ability to create a separate city in itself.

How do you create your art?

I often use experiences and impressions concerning myself in my art. I’m an interpreter of dreams. As a medium for my pictures I mix what I have on hand, from acrylic, pen, pencil, ink, photography and so on.

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