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FISK Halloween Zine Opening at Romo Studio

October 29, 2010

Proxart is proud to be sponsoring FISK‘s Halloween Zine launch at Romo Studio tomorrow night from 7-9pm. If you look at that line up and just Google some of those names, you’ll understand why we think this is going to be absolutely ghastly. (Ugh. That was such a stupid pun.)

Remember to bring candy corn (specifically, candy pumpkins por favor), and take the jump for some clickable info that’s not on the poster.

FISK Halloween Zine 2010 Gallery Opening

Hosted by Proxart & ROMO Studio
Live performance (730pm) by Lila Burns.

All work will be on display and the zine ($4) will be for sale.

Jesse Lee Stout / Taylor Giali / Terry Lee / Jason Lee / Andelee Lin / Pouya Jahanshahi / Nathalie Kim / Bijan Berahimi / Morgan Kelly / Sarah Heysel / Scott Massey Kate Johnston / Lila Burns / Lily Sin /matt King / Mr. Keedy / Pierre Nguyen / Chris Burnett / Nikki Lee / Sarah Gottesdiener / Gabrielle Datau /alex Ketch / Becky Song Brian Rottinger / Brooke Irish / Christina Rodriguez / Tim Belonax / Ed Fella / Phil Shaw Pedro Lavin / Min Kim / Sarah Young / Lorena Reyes / Tiffanie Tran / Laura Bernstein Armando Mtz-celis / Danae Moore / Amanda Gartman / Alejandro Hernandez Kaoru Matsushita / Conner Tozier

Cover Design By Julie Moon
Curated By Bijan Berahimi


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