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Claudio Parentela

October 27, 2010

Claudio Parentela is from the south of Italy and is constantly reinventing himself. He is an illustrator that collages the abstract. Parentela believes that all can influence an artist, not merely the location they are from.

How has where you are from influenced you?

I’m influenced more from the books I read and from the music I listen to.

What inspires or influences your work?

[There are] so many things–too many to list: Underground comics, fashion, weird music, tarots, Kabbalah, Aurobindo La Mere, Osho, Edgar Cayce, outsider art, art brut, Pier Paolo Pasolini, Samuel Beckett, and Aleister Crowley.

How do you create your art?

[All I’ve made has been with] my hands. I’ve drawn for 10 years in only black and white using black Indian ink and paper. Now, I need colour and all the possible different materials to create and to experiment [with]. I like to follow all my moods and to mix them with colours and materials. [This way, my art is] always new, always different.

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