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Kate Pugsley

October 20, 2010

Hey everybody.

A couple years ago, while in downtown Ventura, I picked up Shortest Day of the Year, an EP from the Midwest band Bears.

What drew my eye to this particular CD was the cover, a beautiful painting of a small town in the midst of rolling hills. I checked the inside to see whose art was on the cover, because I’m nerdy like that.

I walked out of the record store with some new music, and a new artist to look up: Kate Pugsley.

One look at Kate’s portfolio gave me the feeling of being in the woods on a chilly day while wearing corduroy and flannel, walking home from hours of fort-building and jumping in leaves.

I recently asked Kate a few questions, to learn a little more about her and her art.

Where did you grow up?
I grew up in a small suburb of Cleveland, Ohio.

What first got you into art?

When I was small my enthusiasm for paper crafts and clay progressed into drawing and oil painting as I got older. Art has been a big part of my life since my earliest memories.

What college did you go to; what was your major in school?
I went to the Rhode Island School of Design and majored in Illustration. 

Are there other mediums of art that you enjoy doing, but have not shown as much?
I bounce between mediums a lot. I really like oil painting, watercolors, gouache, collage and printmaking. I have tried for years to work with acrylics but we are still not friends. I haven’t shown my gouache and watercolor work much, but I’ve been trying to work with those mediums more lately. 

What inspires you?
Small things, like glimpsing an  interesting color combination on the  street or seeing something out of the  ordinary. I love to read and I  definitely draw a lot of inspiration  from fiction, classics are my favorite.  Old photographs of my relatives or  strangers, I have a huge photo and  slide collection. I also really like  coincidences.

For more of Kate and her work, check  out  And keep your eyes open for Kate in  Proxart Magazine Issue #4, coming  this December.

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