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Rock Candy

October 7, 2010

Anyone that has seen the movies High Fidelity or Empire Records, or frequents Amoeba Records and other stores like it knows the  truly sublime feeling one can get just from entering a record store… heck any music store that isn’t Best Buy! In the age of unlimited downloads- legal or otherwise- actually “touching” or having physical ownership of music through a record or a CD is a neglected act of expression that is also just as magical as going to that record store and checking out the product available.

Now our hometown suburban headquarters in Santa Clarita has a truly authentic symbol of what it means to own a piece of music and what it means to enter an actual music store in Rock Candy Music Store.

Many reading may know that Proxart recently had our last of several events promoting our Fall issue of Proxart Magazine at the store, you may have went or at least seen some pics. If you have seen the store, then you know about the CDs and records that don’t exactly always show up in Best Buy or “The Shack,” the great non-music merchandise, the independent local art on the walls, and the fact that they throw in some vintage candy after every purchase you make!

I don’t want to say anymore because I’d rather you just experience this all for yourself. Go and experience a CD or record instead of an MP3; go experience friendly people selling you music they care about themselves rather than an iTunes or a megastore employee. Basically go be a real human music lover and visit this store!

Click here for the link to the store website

The site includes location and information.

Bask in the power of We


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