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Suburbia: 85201

October 5, 2010

Adrian Lesoing is the vice president of Arizona State University’s Photographers Association. She photographed a series of suburban images titled “Suburbia: 85201.”

1. Are you from a suburb? If so, where?

I am originally from Lincoln, Nebraska, which has a population of 225,000. Lincoln is the capital, but is not the largest city in Nebraska. I currently reside in Mesa, Arizona, which is a suburb of Phoenix.

2. How have the suburbs influenced your art?

These photographs are from the neighborhood that I live in. My photography teacher recommended that I watch the movie “Blue Velvet.” This series was inspired by that creepy movie, which takes place in the suburbs.

3. How did the “Suburbia: 85201” series originate?

This project came about during my 5-week summer advanced color darkroom class. I was having trouble finding inspiration, and after my teacher’s recommendation of watching “Blue Velvet” this project emerged.

4. How do you feel about the suburbs? In your opinion, what are the positive and negative aspects?

I love the suburbs, especially Tempe and Mesa. It’s close enough to Phoenix that you can still be involved in big city events such as Phoenix First Friday Art Walk, but far enough away that you don’t have to deal with terrible traffic on a daily basis.

Lesoing has recently finished another body of work titled “Preservation Farms.” According to the Lesoing, this “deals with the disconnection we have with the food we eat. It’s a play on what is real and natural versus genetically modified foods.” She is currently working on a portrait series.

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  1. October 16, 2010 1:04 pm

    Wow. These are AMAZING!

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