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Events This Weekend (Sept 10-12) In The Suburbs of Santa Clarita

September 9, 2010

Look Mr. Suburbs. Perhaps we got off on the wrong foot…

I know we’ve been critical of you, saying there is a lack of culture here. As much as we may say that the suburbs need some work, we are optimistic and we’ve seen plenty of businesses and organizations doing their part in creating culture. So here I am to report on 2 events happening THIS WEEKEND, to prove to YOU, Mr. Suburbs, that the suburbs are not dead, and people ARE creating culture here.

Hit read more to get the scoop!:


“Rumors” (The Up-Close Comedic Play)

Friday & Saturday: 8pm, Sunday: 2pm at SCV Space
Coming out of sold out shows all last weekend, “Rumors” is going into its second week of dinner party mayhem. A theatre performance unlike any you’ve ever been to, (check out our review here) SET Group is just getting the ball rolling on their Fall Season. Make sure you check out “Rumors” before the party ends next weekend.


You Did WHAT To My Comics?!? (A Fine Art Mash Up)

Saturday 7pm – 10pm At Brave New World
Cutting up comics to harness their color and make intricately beautiful works of art; THAT is what Isaac Brynjegard-Bialik is doing to your comics. Check out this facebook photo album to get a preview of the beautiful mess he made with your comics. There are also a lot of in-process photos on Isaac Brynjegard-Bialik’s blog to show how he does all those papercuts, without getting any paper-cuts.


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