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From the Bargain Bin to La Blogotheque

September 8, 2010

Happy Wednesday, everyone.

Earlier this year, on a warm spring day, I was perusing through the seemingly endless bargain bins inside the famed Amoeba Music in Hollywood. I had just finished looking through all of the new & used albums that were on my wishlist, and as is my custom, was searching for a bargain CD of a band I’ve never heard of in hopes of finding a gem.

I base my decision on what CD to get on a few criterion:

+The cover: The most important non-musical aspect to an album, the cover (almost always) gives you a clear picture into the style and quality of the music.

+The album title: A creative title is always helpful in seeing where the mindset of the band is at. Uninspired title=uninspired album.

+The number of songs: $4 for 4 songs is hardly a bargain. I look for at least 8.

+Any other miscellaneous things you notice: packaging is always a good indicator as to what the music is like. Also, check the back to see where the band is from, and if you’ve heard of the label they’re on.

After a few “maybes”, I came across an album cover showing 3 harmless looking white guys with messy hair, wearing tattered/vintage clothes and sitting on a couch one would expect to find at their grandma’s house. The album title caught me, there were 11 songs, and the price was right. I knew I had found what I was looking for.

Fast forward a few months, and The Daredevil Christopher Wright’s album “In Deference to a Broken Back” has been reviewed by the French hipster-music site La Blogotheque (ever heard of it?).  In addition, they now have  a video for their single “The Stewardess”, shot by a French film group called So Films in Wisconsin, where the band is from(the French just seem to love them).

I encourage you all to keep looking for music no matter where, even in the bargain bin at your local music store. You never know what you’ll find, or what might be the “next big thing” (I’m pulling for you, Spottiswoode).

On a side note, “In Deference to a Broken Back” was featured as a staff pick for Proxart Magazine Issue #2 (before the La Blogotheque review). We don’t usually toot our own horns but, “beep beep”.

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