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The Local Society: Compilation #1 (OMG)

September 3, 2010

Who is The Local Society, you ask?

The Local Society is just that, a local [Santa Clarita] society of artists, musicians, young people, old people, girls, and boys that want to share something with the world. Music.

Well, hot dog! What do they do??

The compilations we post are up for two weeks, then another one comes out, and the previous is gone forever.

OMG! Two weeks. That’s it. That leaves us with just… *GASP*… The weekend before they delete this gem, and put up another one! You’d better click that (beautiful) album cover (by Bijan Berahimi) up there and get to downloading, before they pull it and put up another (awesome) mix on Monday.

Also: Expect a lot more from TLS and Proxart in the (near) future. Good things are brewing, methinks.

Tracklist after the break.

TLS Compilation #1

1. Klaxons – Twin Flames
2. Handsome Furs – Officer of Hearts
3. Longwave – I don’t care
4. The National – Anyone’s Ghost
5. Inverness – Astral Side
6. Headlights – Market Girl
7. The Innocence Mission – Happy Birthday
8. Monogold – Fields
9. I Am Kloot – Astray
10. The Growlers – The Spell…a Word


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