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Global Suburbia

August 18, 2010

Taken from an essay on “Global Suburbia” written by members of the Abington Art Center & Sculpture Park:

None of the world’s 28 largest suburbs (>800,000 people) are in the U.S. So long as U.S. suburbs are a “living laboratory for the world,” we owe it to our globalized futures to erect sustainable villages worthy of emulation. Consider this absurdity: “Outside Beijing and Shanghai, tract-home developments designed to mimic Spanish or Italian architecture have all-American names: Yosemite and Napa Valley.” Alternatively, enlightened planners are discovering ways to avoid the “sprawling, cookie-cutter subdivisions” in favor of “sustainable communities that will not deplete natural resources.” Even China is building Dongtan, the world’s first sustainable city, which houses 50,000 people, yet also bans cars, grows its own food, recycles everything, and creates its own energy.

Whether or not we believe those words, it’s quite interesting to check out obscure sources about the reason for the suburbs every now and then.

Art up top by Hiro Sakaguchi (left) and Matthew Moore (right).


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