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The Darling Life of Laura Taylor

July 5, 2010

There are some things best left up to the imagination.

A careful dose of mystery has sustained my interest in Laura Taylor’s images for some time. Her portfolio is forever suspended in the “magic hour” of life. Brief moments of euphoric appreciation of the world and people we’re surrounded by. When you survey her archive, you begin to wonder where her personal life ends and professional begins.

But is it okay to mix the two? At what point are we no longer just documenting our journey through this world for the sake of remembering? This is a serious question for photographers… The point where they “go pro.” Some stop shooting their friends and plants and dogs in exchange for wedding gigs, engagements, headshots, bands, blah blah blah… Others just continue to record their history- but for a much larger audience.

My advice as you check out her website: Don’t try to find that separation between reality and imagination. In Laura’s world, you know only beautiful people, the sun shines only brilliant light, and your SX-70 never glitches out. Life is, as she puts it, “darling.”

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