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June 29, 2010

To believe that a new era of hip-hop is here is to realize that Fresh Espresso is here; a new movement in Hip-Hop has just begun.

The marvelous rap/hip-hop duo, Fresh Espresso is the first collaboration between two multi-talented musicians that go by the name of P Smoov and Rik Rude.  There first album “Glamour” is a radiant, artistic experiment with 14 fresh tracks, each of them designed “to make your head nod from side-to-side”.

Fresh Espresso, from Seattle WA, is a collaboration. P. Smoov is a producer, composer, singer, and rapper. You might find his music similar to Mad Rad – And if you did, you would be right, because he was the primary beat-maker. On the other side of Espresso, you got Fresh, Rik Rude who is known as the “Howard Schultz of Hip-Hop.” These two musicians are a completely compatible with each other’s style; when P. Smoov is electrifying the track, Rik Rude will throw down a sick jazzy tone, or vice versa to maintain a clean and smooth tone throughout the entire album.

Each song is unique and part of a new Hip-Hop evolutionary cycle. This Glamour album begins with “Espresso,” a short track that prepares you for a listening of full flavors and “sick beats.” And then, BOOM!!! They hit you with “Diamond Pistols,” the most electrifying, get-your-ass-up- anthem of them all. “Big or small”, says it all, “…we like them big or small, or black white.” If you like those 80’s electro beats and symphonic hip-hop beats you will have no problem enjoying Glamour. They sound like a mixture of French rapper Mc Solaar, Mos Def, Mad Rad, and Audio Bullys.

“Girls and Fast Cars” is my favorite track so far. The rhymes are blazin’, and provide the listener with a general introduction of their style, which is inspired by their love for the creation of music.  The track “We desire what’s real,” makes you want to grab an actual cup of espresso and converse about those things in life that are real – and dismiss those that just aren’t. Then you pass a few tracks and find yourself listening to “Coffee Talk,” a much mellower track, it can make you forget about everything, besides the fact that if you happen to be at a coffee house sipping on some java, and hoping that you might be on that sexy baristas mind.

Just in case you were wondering, they are as good as their name implies. “Fresh Espresso” is hot like their “Lazerbeams” track and, without a doubt, you will find a track that will make time travel from the 80s and back to 2010. Fresh Espresso’s Glamour is smooth, fresh, slick, tight, brilliant, artistic, experimental; but above all a new hip-hop experience. “Glamour” is full of harmony, electro vides, and experimental fusions.

Glamour” is music with soul.

You can listen to some of their tracks at Myspace, and pick up the album from iTunes here.

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