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Freebie: Bjorky Desktop from Issue 2

June 25, 2010

First, we want to thank you for downloading Issue 2! We’re stoked with how it came out, and we hope it’s helping you realize just how much amazing art is in, and/or comes out of the suburbs.

Second, to continue the “freebie” side of Issue 2 (yup… the whole damn magazine was a “freebie”), we’re gonna give you a shiny new desktop for your computer and iPhone, featuring the Twitter Illustration artwork from Issue 2 by Bjorky. What’s a “Twitter Illustration” you ask? Well, it’s simple: We take a tweet from our favorites list, give it to one of our featured artists, and have them visualize their interpretation of it. The tweet this time was from @AlexCaesar: “Longest pre-sneeze of my life.”


DESKTOP (1920×1200)

p.s. If you want more desktops and music from Issue 2, we’ll be giving out a disc chock-full of good stuff tonight at our Release Show. Just sayin’.

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