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The two ways to view ISSUE 2 of Proxart Magazine

June 24, 2010

Which version is right for you?

SPREAD: You’re at a computer. You have a widescreen display. You have time to download the 32mb file. You like viewing the magazine in the original intended design. You have a nostalgic relationship to seeing two pages side by side.

MOBILE: You’re on a phone/tablet. You’re on the go. AT&T is charging you up the butt and you need something more bite sized like a 6mb file. You’re ready for the future where everything is in the cloud and your phone is the window into that world. You want a preview of what’s to come for Proxart Magazine.

I’ll be honest. In my opinion, Spread is the only way to go. The Mobile version works great for those who want to read the magazine on the go, but you’re still definitely going to want to check out the spread version when you get home! It’s a beauty to behold.

Thanks for checking out the magazine.

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