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The Oceanographers and Paradise @ Antioch

June 1, 2010

Hey there, Internet!!!

We’ve got something exciting up our sleeves: This summer, we’ll be holding shows with Antioch every week! (Friday nights, to be exact)

This Friday’s (June 4th) show starts at 8pm and features music from:

The Oceanographers


We’ll also have an open mic in the middle of the evening for those of you with poetry, music, short stories, or whatever.

There is a $5 cover, but this is a good thing! Check it out:

  1. 50% of this money goes to a charity: Proxart or She Dances, to be exact. You choose which organization you’d like to give your 50% to, and we’ll send it off every week (scout’s honor!).
  2. The other 50% goes to keeping Antioch alive!! And that’s a good thing because Antioch is the best and most consistent local venue in Santa Clarita, by far.

My band, The Oceanographers, just played a show there last week and it was the best we’ve sounded anywhere. So on a personal level, I definitely want to see Antioch stick around. We’re excited to have the opportunity to partner with them.

So please come, enjoy the music, and support some good causes!

p.s. In a band? Wanna play?, suckas.

p.p.s FACEBOOK EVENT for all you cool social networking butterflies:


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