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Stephanie Smith: Fantastically Twisted

May 6, 2010

Every couple months or so we change our banner to feature the work of one of our favorite artists. Stephanie Smith is one of them. Crazy, out there, just plain awesome work.

I can’t see myself doing anything else, I totally get jealous of people who can dance, play guitar, sing and stuff; but I guess if you’re good at something you have to stick with it. When I was in fifth or sixth grade, I wanted to be a tattoo artist, from there I got really into comics, and then in high school got really into cars, started working in the automotive industry – working at Auto Zone – and eventually got an apprenticeship doing pinstriping on cars, and started learning body work. Shortly afterward, I decided I needed to put my efforts toward getting into CalArts.

– Stephanie

This is banner one of two featuring her work, and since she was featured in Issue 1 of our Magazine, may I suggest you go ahead and download that.

p.s. If you want to see your work in a banner, you’re going to need to email us: ❤


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