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Pssssst: Proxart Magazine

March 17, 2010

We’ve had this under wraps for quite some time, but I’m excited to announce that we’ll be releasing the first-ever issue of Proxart Magazine in downloadable PDF format next week.

We’ve been working tirelessly since September to bring you the best coverage of local art possible, and – let me just tell you – it’s a slice of awesome-pie, my friends. But, we know more than anyone, that it’s not awesome because we’re awesome. It’s awesome because you’re awesome, and the art that you’re creating is absolutely amazing.

That said, we’ve got articles about and interviews with local talent like Frank Hansen, Sarah Johnston, Diana Hereld, Favian Romo, and a lot more. We’ll highlight some music we like, give you some thoughts on what it means to be an artist in the suburbs, and give you some more opportunities to get involved in what we’re doing, and give you our thoughts throughout.

We’re super stoked; it’s the perfect way to start the Spring and Summer seasons.

Stay tuned!

Psssssst… Got something to say? Email us:



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