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Over The Hedge by PANGEA!

March 12, 2010

“Since I’ve met you, the sun’s been getting to my head.
And since I’ve known you, I stopped wishing I were dead.”

Full of hook after hook and overall feel-goodness, this is the kind of music that makes you forget about your own mortality because you’re having so much fucking fun. Since hearing PANGEA’s album Over The Hedge, their unique blend of punk and pop music has definitely been getting to my head.

There are ten songs on the album, and the songs range from borderline-psychotic super pop, to raw-thrashing vintage dance punk. Stand-outs in the pop direction include “I Wrote A Bible” and “You Sleep Too Much.” Both songs contain irresistible hooks and amazing vocals, key factors to any unforgettable pop song that gets stuck in your head for days on end. But don’t peg PANGEA as a pop band. You’ll soon realize your mistake if you ever go to one of their shows and stand in the middle of the crowd. Prepare to be smashed, because while PANGEA has pop influences, they keep in tradition with their punk roots by putting on a kick ass show that doesn’t give a shit. Stand-outs from Over The Hedge in the punk direction include “Bad Vibrations” which has a sped-up romp of an ending, and “Seed of Decay” which has massive buildups and releases.

The bottom line is this: if you haven’t checked out Over The Hedge, go to one of PANGEA’s shows and buy it now. It’s a bit on the short side, clocking in at 22 minutes, but it’s just because all the songs are so damn fast, in a good way. PANGEA is definitely leading the charge in awesome original local music, and it’s good to see that, in true punk fashion, they don’t give a fuck about it.

Make sure you check out their MySpace to hear three of the songs mentioned in this review.



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