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Music @ Geek Singles Night This Friday

February 10, 2010

Let me tell you about the great lineup we have at Brave New World’s GE3K SINGLES NIGHT:

Sarah Johnston: You’ve probably seen her at our events before, but if not, you’re missing out, because Sarah is one of the local queens of the acoustic folk rock sound, and she promises to make you think and maybe even cry at the same time.

Modern American Theatre: If you’re into melodic, intricate, but accessible guitar riffs, this is the band for you. With great stage presence, high energy breakdowns, and progressive but easy-to-listen-to rock songs, MAT is guaranteed to make you dance, shout, or at least make you tap your feet frenetically.

Modern American Theatre photo by Patrick Day

The Wind Up Toys: Looking for a fusion of decades of rock ’n’ roll? If so, The Wind Up Toys are the band you’re looking for. Melodic yet stern vocals and classic rock guitar riffs are the main feature of this BNW-regular band. They definitely bring music to the table that has something for everyone, no matter what kind of rock genre you may be into.

The Oceanographers: Yes, this is a little awkward, writing this music column about this Friday night lineup with my band being one of the bands on the bill. So, I will just say, come out this Friday to have fun and dance with us, because that is pretty much the only thing we want people to do when they are at a show! (P.S. We are way awesome. Like a unicorn bursting through a rainbow, we will burst through your soul.)

The Oceanographers photo by Steven Brentnall

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