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“To Those Born to Triumph” by Abigail Bloomfield

January 19, 2010

Light fell to darkness
The shattered bonds a rain of crystals descended
Wrapping the shadows in a glowing despair
From depths the night ascended
To meet the traitor in the air

Hope fell to anguish
First of the shadows born from light rejected
Turned crimson shade as glowering dusk appears
Son of evil now perfected
The Maker weeps His bloody tears

Peace fell to anger
Dear child formed of hate to bear neglected
The torment of battered nations none redeem
In Sheol burn those infected
Pain to make this life a dream

Calm fell to chaos
Destruction birthed the breath of those intended
Now bereft of death ’midst bands of tattered fiends
Souls of those who once defended
Somewhere in the silence scream

Abigail is a senior undergraduate student at The Master’s College. She is majoring in English and film.

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  1. January 20, 2010 2:14 pm

    So good! =)

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