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Nixon’s B-Day Bash at the Legion Hall

January 12, 2010

In an environment sorely lacking good venues, Santa Clarita (and Newhall in particular) was desperately missing the local Legion Hall. In the past, the Legion Hall has hosted some of the best and brightest local bands this small community has to offer. On January 9th, the venue made a roaring comeback with the Richard Nixon Birthday Bash.

The show featured everything a good local music event should have: raw, authentic music with a DIY attitude; bands sharing instruments and even members, creating a good-natured atmosphere that left you with the feeling that we were all in this together; and, finally, angry punk rockers trying to spoil the party.


Tim Bayona (band)

The night featured First Class Funeral and the Tim Bayona band (both of whom have played Proxart shows before, and will again VERY soon *hint, hint*), along with The Dining Dead, Disciples of Saturn, and finally Moses Cambell. All in all, the lineup represented some of the best and brightest of the local indie/DIY music scene.

The Disciples of Saturn

The Dining Dead

The Dining Dead

Just to make things a little more awesome, there was a break in the music so we could take in a screening of Carlo Chavez’s film Only in Dreams, featuring the classic teenage angst and romance you would come to expect from a town like this, but with an authentic ending and a clever screenplay that you’re not going to see in the typical Hollywood coming of age films.

After taking in this show, it gave me hope that this little town, and even Southern California in general, has some really serious talent and creativity, which was definitely front and center to celebrate Richard Nixon’s birthday.

Moses Campbell

We leave you with a video of First Class Funeral’s “Black Maria”. They will be playing at our No Dancing event. So make sure you check them out.

In this video, you can see a few punkers getting rowdy, even hitting the camera man! They were later kicked out during the middle of the song, hence the cheering.

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