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Oliver & Stephanie

January 6, 2010

Name: Oliver
Description: Boy. Overalls. Curls. Sad. Happy.

Name: stephanieKim
Description: Old fashioned penny loafers with pennies stuck in for decoration. Student at UC Irvine, majoring in education. Lover of the strange, ugly, but definitely not the stupid. Doodler, listener, high fiver. Prefers sunshine, black, coca cola, chocolate, dogs. Product of the suburbs: lived a good life in Valencia and it continues in Irvine. Cookie cutter… cookie eater, cookie pooper. Breathed life into Oliver- he is my monstrous creation.

Oliver is a comic strip that started as a classroom doodle in 2008. It then turned into a weekly episode featuring Oliver and his pretty average life. I have selected five strips that will introduce you to Oliver. He’s quite a gentleman.

Two years have gone by without a word from Oliver. However, just today, we have him back in our lives. Please welcome the latest Oliver comic.

A new Oliver will be posted on Proxart every Wednesday. If you would like to check out more random stuff from me, including commentary on Oliver, visit my blog.

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  1. January 7, 2010 1:59 pm

    Love oliver!!! great addition to the proxart blog!

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