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“Friendship and That Overlooked Sin of Forgetting” by Leo Partible

January 1, 2010

I have been asking my good friend Leo Partible to write something for Proxart for a very long time. As someone who’s fairly sought-after in the film and comic book industry, I thought it would be nice to get some perspective from the “inside”. However, when I approached Leo this week to ask him again (for the 800th time — I’m sure he was starting to get a tiny bit annoyed!), he told me that instead of contributing an article for his first post on our site, he wanted to contribute a piece of personal work to celebrate the New Year.

So, after the jump, you’ll find a piece of poetry titled “Friendship and That Overlooked Sin of Forgetting” that we hope will find you well in this new year of 2010.


Friendship and That Overlooked Sin of Forgetting

There is a sin that’s rarely preached
It rises when the sun is setting
Indiscriminate between strong and meek
After pride, the sin of forgetting.

If a man should break and toil for family
And does the same for nearby neighbor,
Gives loyal sweat to employer vanity
And to outcast poor, a rich man’s favor;
There is this tragedy under the sun
The works of God and man forgotten:
With prosperous wealth, ambitions stunned,
Restless hearts are proved so rotten.

God commands forget Him not —
His statutes, works, and all His blessings
His power, all earth’s hist’ry wrought
By mighty hand and His defending.

When a man forgets his creator, sin abounds
He wanders in valleys fraught with peril
Meeting nefarious men and rabid hounds
With no defense and flimsy apparel.

Yet we all are guilty and in danger
Of this overlooked, accommodating sin
We all forget to feed the stranger,
The voice barely heard above the din.

We forget that lovely wife of youth
’Tho aged esteemed and flowing grace;
To chase that image of forbidden fruit
With juvenile coo and pouting face.
The wife forgets that a man’s desire
Is not aroused by critical voice
Or angry stares to provoke his ire
But simple acts of respect and choice.

There are men who choose to forget —
When the ladder of success is scaled
And great heights and lofty goals met —
It is the loyal friend first his mem’ry fails.

We forget those that borne us in poverty,
We forget her work and sacrifice,
And all the belov’d closer than family
For that temporal convenient vice.

We forget the innocent in the cold, dark cell
A lifetime paid for a moment’s error
The costly day he tripped and fell
Lacking faith to face his nightly terror.

There’s an aging widow fighting for remembrance,
And a runaway boy on the chapel stairs,
A beaten soul crying out in penance,
If no one remembers, then who truly cares?

Who cares to remember? I sadly mourn
The death of friendship like a winter day
Snow covered landscape, no discernible form
Made easy for a soul to lose his way.

Yet one day, He’ll command, “Forget —
All your histories of pain and weeping.”
Then He’ll wipe away our bitter regrets
And accept good deeds worth keeping.

© copyright 2010 Leo Partible

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  1. kenneth permalink
    January 27, 2010 10:57 am

    a friend of mine, Leo is, mind so clearly on the recondite, still ascertainable in the ponderance of the woes of others, the consideration of others, so often in a “civil” society, it is gone without, for the yearning of achieving one’s dreams, all else, at times can be forsaken, so i applaud U’r soul Leo, and that of Nates for an avenue to the gaining of a distinctive route to what is the catapulting message to civility

    peace love & respect


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