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Holiday Gift Guide ’09

December 15, 2009

Because we know you’re all slackers (we’ll own up to it: we are too), and you haven’t even thought about starting your Christmas (holiday?) shopping, we thought we’d be good friends by pointing you to presents that don’t suck. That said, we’ve compiled a succinct list of our favorite artists, and provided you links to purchase their work online.

Enjoy (after the jump)!

Art by Brian Gurrola

Brian Gurrola – While primarily a filmmaker, Brian also dabbles in graphic design and photography. And, when we say dabbles, we mean that he’s actually really good. Strong photographic composition, and simple/effective type treatments make his work a pleasure to look at (both on screen, and on paper). Click the image to the right, and you’ll be directed to his Blurb site, where you can pick up one of two beautiful coffee table books featuring behind-the-scenes photography and thoughts from the production of one of his unfinished short films.

Art by Frank Hansen

Frank Hansen – Frank, what is there to say about Frank? Other than the fact that his work effingrocks, and it would look beautiful hanging on your wall (or wherever), I can’t think of much. Please click the thumbnail, because you definitely need to check out his new Etsy page and buy prints. Maybe a lot of them. I hope my house will soon be chock-full of Hansen art.

Art by Kasey Rae

Kasey Rae – Our good friend Kasey has been churning out some of the best work Santa Clarita has ever seen for a few years now, and she’s just recently started a portrait series based on… well, whatever you ask for. It can be a portrait of you, your mama, Obama, whatever! Check out her website for more details, or click the thumbnail on the left.

Art by Zachary Hill

Zachary Hill – Zach is our resident staff artist, and his work is ever-evolving into abstract art that is more-and-more intelligent. Click the photo to the left see his portfolio and pick from from his extensive catalog of original art!

That about wraps it up for this year, kids. Keep on producing, selling and buying that quality art. Thanks for reading, and Merry Christmahanakwanzika!


Psssst… got artwork you’re selling that you want the world to know about? Leave us a comment and we’ll throw it out into the Twittersphere for you.

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  1. December 16, 2009 2:29 am

    Thank you very much for mentioning me on your Holiday Gift Guide ’09. Nice to be listed with so any other talented artist.

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