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Film Review: Return of the Living Dead

October 28, 2009

I guess the only way for me to describe Return of the Living Dead is punk rock. It is the SLC Punk of zombie movies and, I gotta say, probably my favorite zombie movie of all time.

Directed by Dan O’Bannon and starring a cast full of nobody extremely famous, it is a story pretty similar to any other zombie movie out there: teenager accidentally spills nerve gas in a U.S. Military surplus store and gives life to a pack of the undead.

Two very distinct characteristics make this film special. To begin, the score is full of mid 80’s synth rock. If that isn’t enough for you to rip your shirt off and scream “Oscar nomination!” then you might need to second guess your film taste.* Simply putting zombies and synths in the same film already intrigues me enough to double take. Secondly, the wardrobe and writing, highlighting the punk scene of the 80’s, are a sweet twist on the generic Romero horror film.**

If I was to suggest a time and place for experiencing Return of the Living Dead, I would say to set up a party on Halloween. I am a big believer that the environment greatly affects your opinion of the film or art you enjoy. Set this one up perfectly. You won’t forget it.

* I am kidding. I would hate for someone to think I don’t respect their theatrical taste. I simply love zombie films.

** Romero is a legend.

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