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Film Review: The Evil Dead

October 21, 2009

I must say, as a film lover and, more specifically, as a horror movie lover, I feel I must begin any series of movie reviews with the 1981 classic The Evil Dead.

Starring the fantastic Bruce Campbell as well as a web of unknown B-movie actors and actresses, the plot is simple: college kids visit a shady relative’s cabin in search of some college fun. What starts as a sexual experience quickly turns into a flurry of zombies and cheesy horror goodness.

Simple, right? Well, creatively directed by Sam Raimi, with memorable writing and special effects, this movie stands alone as one of the greatest and most unique zombie films of all time.

For me, this film is simply a classic, and one that should stay as a dirty transfer rather than being “Blu-rayed” and cleaned up, losing that lo-fi VHS touch. Most of the time, it is the grease and grime on the screen that makes a film like this one feel more real and memorable.

I would love to go into depth about what makes this movie so fantastic, but to tell you the truth, you just need to watch it. Find a copy and get a group of friends together for some fantastic, gory, zombie fun. You won’t regret it. I promise.

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