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#proxartplaylist – Summer 2009

July 13, 2009


every season needs a soundtrack so we’re going to be making a playlist (with you!) for every season this year…
well, starting with summer…
think of it as a sort of digital mixtape, if you will.

this was compiled with/by/for our peeps, and tweets on twitter.
next time we’ll extend it to the blog, for those of you that aren’t tweeters (twatters?).

here’s the tracklist:
1. The Reeling / Passion Pit / Manners
2. One Wing / Wilco / Wilco (the album)
3. Wait / Alexi Murdoch / Away We Go (soundtrack)
4. Tired Magician / lady danville / Lady Danville – EP
5. Here We Go / Jon Brian / Punch-Drunk Love (soundtrack)
6. Summer In The City / Quincy Jones / You’ve Got It Bad Girl
7. Little Person / Jon Brian / Synecdoche, New York (soundtrack)
8. Oh! Sweet Nuthin’ / The Velvet Underground / Loaded
9. Head Over Heels / Tears for Fears / Shout – The Very Best of Tears for Fears
10. Amber / 311 / From Chaos
11. The Pool / The Reduction Agents / Eagle Vs. Shark (soundtrack)

so, either click this link and purchase through itunes, or take the list above and find it somewhere else online (we don’t necessarily condone ‘stealing’ music). 😉

here’s to summer ’09…
now hand me a pacifico, please!

p.s. big, big, big, big thanks to @thegoldline, @mic_dee, @bredgur, @communitypool, and @benjaminhunter. reply to us with your song, and a ‘#proxartplaylist’ hashtag for the next one!

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