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Kasey Rae (7/6)

July 6, 2009

and all the birds were filled with their flesh

divided skeptic


PA:  how long have you been an artist?

KR: artist is my state of being, so to speak. art is something that i do, of course, but i think it is
more integral than that- a way of being, a state of being. i hesitate to say this, because of the
essentialist implications, but i think “artist” is fundamentally something that i am, which then
must (with severe implications must) flow out of me. in that sense, i have always been an artist.
more generally though, i have been creating since  can remember, since i was a small child.

PA: What are your biggest fears as an artist? And how do you overcome them?

KR: the answer to this is somewhat paradoxical. i think my biggest fear (or at least a big one) as an
artist is almost the same thing as what drives me to create in the first place, but in a different
degree: apathy.
one of my professors from college used to say something along the lines of, “you do not find
happy artists.” what he meant by this is that despair, trauma, introspection- the human condition-
is what drives artists in all mediums to create. from this supposition i think i could begin to fear
my own apathy and introspection getting the best of me, to the point of not having enough energy
or motivation to physically do art any longer, despite the constantly ensuing internal ideas.

PA: What type of art do you create? (ex. abstract, sculpture, realistic etc etc).

KR: hmm… i am pretty bad at the classification business (i really want to take an art history class)…
but if i had to say, i would guess that i fall into a conceptual/abstract/increasingly “urban”
style. it is pretty hard to say because i do a few different kinds of art in general (painting,
drawing, digital art, poetry, mixed media, cards) and i am usually trying to expand my tendencies.
but conceptual/abstract/increasingly “urban” works i think. i really prefer acrylic and spray paint,
and making stencils. but i am currently getting really interested in incorporating collage art
and/or my poetry into my paintings.

PA: Do you have any creative rituals within your process?

KR: i usually prefer to listen to music while i paint or draw, or even while i am working through an
idea mentally. and i really like to be able to see outside if that is a possibility. music and the
weather help my think more clearly. i also like to be alone while i am doing art. if i am alone
and have some music on or can see outside, then i kind of become sucked into my own mind
where all the ideas are floating around. it can get intense, but i like that, a lot.

PA: What is your greatest creative motivation/drive?

KR: that which motivates me most to create is the human condition- that desperation, the despair.
i have always been fascinated and subsumed by despair. i see humanity in this way, as being
driven by despair before all else, even if it is not recognized as such. we are constantly trying
to make things interesting, and more interesting than they seem to already be or possibly can be.
we are bored. we are desperate. “all things are full of weariness, a man cannot utter it; the eye is
not satisfied with seeing, nor the ear filled with hearing” (ecclesiastes 1:8). i think it drives people
to do most of the things we do, good or evil.
everything is backwards, here. even beauty is empty, when you look closely. everything is
something other than itself; everything is pointing to something else, blaming, asking, groping
for meaning. with this in mind, i want to understand how it is that this place is not about justice.
it is not. it seems we try to frame all experiences in the balance of justice, though, likely because
it helps us make some sort of immediate, tangible sense of what we know to be our transient lives.
so we are always framing framing, looking for an excuse, looking for a reason, creating systems;
but i do not think there is a reason- not in the sense that we desire. things are unjust, here. and as
far as i see we cannot accept it, not entirely. we cannot, as in we will not and as in it is impossible.
maybe this is because we are wired that way. maybe it is because we rejected our wiring a long time ago.
the fact that one day there will be justice- that one day God will bring justice here- but that right now,
while we are living and breathing (and in a large sense i am sure, while i have to be here), this place is
filled with horror, and the resulting t-e-n-s-i-o-n that we must live with if we are being honest instead
of angry and bitter, that tension between despair and justice – between who i am and who He Is –
is what motivates me, whether i like it or not.
The best way to describe Kasey’s work is by using her own words, her responses to these questions were so fantastic and detailed(not to say that previous artists have not answered these questions well). But Kasey writes about the human condition in a way that, to me, is easily seen and projected in her artworks. Everything from the earth tones in her chosen color schemes to the expressions and gesutes captured in the faces of her portrats speak towards the welfare of the human condition. I have written before how a role art has taken throughout history is to record the current status of the present civilization, I believe Kasey’s work does just that.
you can learn more about Kasey at her website:

Until Next Time,

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  1. Paxton permalink
    July 6, 2009 8:26 pm

    Some people are verbally articulate, or they are artistically articulate.

    Kasey Rae is blessed to be both.

    Her art defies classification.

  2. Janet permalink
    July 7, 2009 1:14 am



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