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art for good.

June 25, 2009

we’ve been told by some people that all artists are interested in is the art, itself.
that they only care about seeing/hearing/watching art – they don’t want to have to think about it.

but, i’m inclined to believe that this is absolutely not the case.

i’m inclined to believe that artists are the ones who want to know the thought process behind the art.
and who want to know how it fits into (and what it says about) the society and the world that it’s produced in.
that most artists are not merely spectators – they’re participants.
that’s the way that they like it.
and that’s how it should be.

that’s why we’re constantly asking for thoughts – for feedback about the art that we show you.
because we know that, while some artists do make big/bold/good statements with their art, it’s only by the discussion of said art that the big/bold/good message gets out into the public’s eye.

so, if from time to time we do ask you your thoughts, we actually want them!
not because we’re trying to validate ourselves, but because we believe that art does the most good when more artists are involved.

here’s to you and me, and the movement (hopefully).

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