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even if you have no process.

June 2, 2009

we all know that ‘genius’ creative moments don’t just drop from the sky (or do they?).
most people have what’s called a ‘creative process’ and that tends to vary from art form to art form.

what’s my creative process?
well, that depends on what medium i’m working in.
if i’m designing, it generally starts as a sketch, and works it’s way onto a computer…
if i’m writing music, it generally starts in the car – i catch the melody on my phone, and i write lyrics, and music later.
(both generally involve a lot of coffee.)

but i know that some people write music by starting with the lyrics.
or they start with the guitar.
or they start with the piano.
or the tuba!

so, here’s the question(s):
1. what’s your name?
2. what’s your medium?
3. what’s your process look like – even if your process is ‘i have no process’?

let’s get a discussion going.

alriiiiiiiiiiight… GO!


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  1. Zach permalink*
    June 2, 2009 8:55 pm

    My name is Zach and I am a painter and a musician.

    When I paint my process involves lots of music and lots of coffee, I have to have rhythm and energy when painting. Sometimes I want to paint, but don’t feel like painting. I rarely plan a painting, and never sketch it out, I want to try and capture whatever is happening at the time.

    As far as music goes, I am mostly a drummer so I basically come up with beats that go with whatever my fellow musicians are playing, each time we play a certain song I might keep perfecting the beat until I get it just right

  2. June 3, 2009 7:40 pm

    My name is Brian Gurrola.

    I’m involved in film, graphic design, and photography.

    Film wise, I’m mainly an editor. I usually like to be brought onto a project as soon as possible, preferably in pre-production. That way, I can get a sense of what I’ll be doing as soon as I can. I am a deep thinker. I spend most of my creative process thinking. I never write anything down, I just think. I listen to music that fits the style and pacing of what the final product will be (or better yet, the music I’ll be using in the final project). Music is a big help in just getting my creative juices flowing for how I’ll edit a piece. Once I receive the footage, I watch it over and over probably about a hundred times. I create a plan in my head. I never write it down. I edit in chronological order whenever I can (which is almost always). I also have to make sure the sound is the best that I can make it. it’s alright if it isn’t completely perfect, especially since sometimes I hand to hand off a project, once there’s a picture cut, to a sound designer. Some sound designers seem to really like me because I do a lot of their work for them and pretty decent. I just can’t edit if the sound isn’t right because if the sound is messed up, the cuts bother me. I have to make sure that the picture and the sound are right to make a good cut. I can’t edit during the day. I can’t edit with someone judgmental over my back watching my every move, however in some situations I can edit with the director there, it just depends who it is. Usually, for the first edit I like to listen to what the director wants and then have me just go do my thing without any director control. After the first cut they can tell me what do and be over my shoulder. Again, it depends who the director is.

    I often DP. I hate dealing with lights, so I’m usually working with camera only and facilitation lights to another person (with my lighting designs). Otherwise, I’m just a camera operator. If I’m a DP, I like to know the shots beforehand whenever possible. If it’s a big narrative piece, I must go over storyboards and have lengthy conversations with the director. Knowing your shots beforehand makes on-set progress much quicker. It’s a must. If I’m just camera operating or doing a simple “just shoot” piece, then there’s not much in terms of planning. I just shoot and frame each shot to the best of my ability at that moment.

    For graphic designing I usually just start designing. I play around with the design for hours and somehow I end up with something.

    For photography, I just shoot. A lot. I usually end up with thousands of photos from each photo “trip” day or “shoot.”

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