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We. Want. Art.

May 25, 2009


if you live in the santa clarita valley, and are passionate about seeing the arts become more prominent in the city, help us out by posting one of these banners on your blog, your myspace, or your facebook (click the image for a file link):




we want to create more intrigue about what it is we’re trying to do to bring more prominence to the arts, but – like we’ve said many times before – we can’t do it without you. in fact, i would even go so far as to say ‘we’ aren’t ‘us’ without ‘you’. so, help us get the word out by posting this wherever you can on the interwebs. of course, you don’t have to just post the banner. you can link to us, tweet about us, write about how much you hate us and think we’re stupid – anything is good at this point.

the photo in this banner (and the next 2-3 coming up) is by our new friend, and immensely talented photographer benjamin hunter. you should definitely check him out (flickr).

we’ve got some good stuff coming up, including some new events, and some new opportunities for you to get involved.
so please stay tuned!

– nate.

p.s. subscribe to our RSS feed!
p.p.s. email us if you’ve got a photo you’d like us to use in a banner. we’d love it.

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