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April 23, 2009

One of art’s roles in society has been it’s recording of the current times and situations in which it was created. Another role has been using art as a direct response or counter-attack to what is the most relevant in current society.

Therefore, it seems that the next logical step in the world of modern art is garnering more attention toward the digial world or giving yourself some form of exposure utilizing the tools most available to you. In the age of Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, blogs, and iPhones it is only natural that artists take their work and post, digitize, tweet, share and connect it to all the different types of digital forums that are available to them.

In my opinion, nothing can replace viewing any kind of visual art in its purest natural form (which usually means viewing said artwork in the physical realm rather than the digital realm) but because the advances of modern technology, viewing art outside of the physical world has become easier and more accurate than ever before. because of this, artists should and must take advantage of this. Physical galleries are are hard to find, especially in Santa Clarita, and if you are able to find one, you will probably have a fight on your hands to get the artwork in the gallery, since many galleries charge at least 50% commission to sell artwork presented in their physical gallery.

So why not give yourself opportunities outside the physical world to let yourself be seen or heard? Is that not what all artists want? Sure it would be nice to make a living off of your artwork, but aren’t we making art to expose parts of ourselves? Parts that we could not express with regular, frequently-used language.

If you are an artist, Proxart would like to help you expose your talents and skill by making your artwork – and the process that goes into it – known through (Online) Exposure.

Be a reflection of your experiences in this modern digital age



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