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Skid Row

January 18, 2009

This is what Skid Row is (if you are unfamiliar):

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Think about it:

We know that art is a powerful medium to communicate the depths of a person. Their needs, their desires. We also know that, many times, those desires to communicate something artistically come, not just from us observing our own needs and desires, but from seeing the hurt all around us. When we see the pain others go through, it often evokes an artistic response. We paint, we take photos, we write songs.

But – unfortunately – this is, sometimes, all it evokes. There is nothing pushing us to move forward and truly reach out to those in need. And while there’s nothing wrong with songs, or paintings, or photos (as those can, many times, bring others to reach out), we must be willing to reach out as well. To go out of our comfort zones for something bigger than ourselves.

That is why Proxart will be partnering with the community of Sacred Way Church every fourth Sunday to serve lunch, and hang out with the homeless people who call Skid Row their home.
Because something – tangible, real – must be done about things like this.
Because as people who think, who create, we must not simply sing about injustice.
We must do something about it.

Here are the details for our first trip:
Sunday January 25th, from 9am-3pm
We will be meeting at Starbucks on Via Princessa (map) at 9am to carpool down to Los Angeles.

I hope to see you there,

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