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Man with Broom Stick!

December 19, 2008

Today’s the day before Black &White and I was taking care of a few loose

One of those strings happened to be actually getting a barrel from the
food pantry for tomorrow night. It’s strange because I’ve been at the food
pantry and I could not find it again. I tried calling 411 and all they did is
say Reuther (which is the street name) and hang up.

I kid you not, I think I would’ve got a little more respect from a sex hot-line number.

I was under this idea for some strange reason that it was located somewhere in
the midst of all the mechanic shop buildings lined up. I went down every alley and
the same guy that I saw from the first alley was also in every, single alley I drove down.

This wasn’t your normal mechanic guy either. He had bright blond hair and huge
black glasses, so he stood out the first time.

I was starting to get really annoyed that I couldn’t find this place. Seeing this guy in
every alley made me feel like I was in a hellish-like deja vu.

I came upon this man sweeping in front of his shop and asked him where the food pantry was.

He told me the food pantry was on the other side and I told him I had tried all those alleys. The
man then walked out more to the street and pointed at a specific building and I thanked

I was about to take off but then he started telling me what times they were open and closed
Monday-Friday. Then he told me the times for the weekend.

I was a slightly. offended.

I wanted to tell him that I have a house and there’s food in it and I sleep in a very comfortable bed.

But then I saw through my pride, and I took witness to a stranger who stopped what he was doing
in the middle of his job, and explained to me when I am allowed to pick up food.

I looked at him, really looked at him this time, and thanked him.

– sammy

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