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November 16, 2008

Virtually screaming is not nearly as effective as actually screaming, but I will tell you right now that I do have a great urge to.  Black & White is tonight and the idea of it excites me a lot.  In fact, the heart of Proxart has increasingly excited me over the course of the last couple days.  A community is forming/ has formed.  A bunch of us: Nate, Sammy, Timmy, myself, Amanda, Sarah- a couple other people affiliated with this…thing…hung out last night, and I felt it there- the community, this morning at Starbucks I saw Timmy and I felt it there again.  I say all this, because it’s happening,

because movement is happening in the suburbs,

and life is happening, and I think that Proxart is a very small part of that.  People are connecting with other people, and it’s occuring in conversation, and in coffee, and beer.  It’s greater than guitar circles, and watching Heroes once a week as a group.

It’s bearing one another’s burdens, and sharing one another’s joys…

It’s a deep in-soul living of life with other people.

I’m not sure that I’ve ever had anything like that before.  Tonight is about that too, it’s our attempt to step outside of ourselves and start forming those kinds of relationships with other people who like music, and coffee, and art…

you guys’ should all check it out:  Bella Via Barista Cafe, Valencia,  7pm

If nothing else, come check out my new shoes!

Also, watch this video, I posted it on my personal blog, but I think it’s relevant to this, and I think it’s moving.


I feel greatly inclined to live life for more than me, I would venture to say that I think I am meant to.

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