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Proxart Black & White

November 11, 2008

Proxart has effectively been dead for about 4 months.
We know this.

So, about a week ago, myself and the rest of our little group had a pretty straightforward and honest meeting.
We told ourselves that we had 3 months to turn this thing around (whatever that means), and get it going in some shape or form.

We decided that actually holding an event – more often than every 3 months – was a good place to start.

That’s what Black & White is:

Black & White will be a monthly gathering at Bella Via* for us artists in the Santa Clarita Valley to come to and drink coffee, listen to local singer/songwriters, discuss art related subjects with one another, and be reminded that we are not alone in the suburbs; that there are people around who have the same love for art that we do.

We’re calling it Black & White because we want it to be like an old fashioned black and white social.
So, if you come out, please wear something black and/or white (formal is cool, but not required**), and encourage anyone who comes with you to do the same!

Eventually, we will be introducing one color per month into the mix (which would turn it into a Black, White & 1 Color event, I guess…), and we’ll send that out through our email newsletter so that everyone knows what color to wear.

Black & White will not be planned.
It will not really be structured at all.

It will just happen whatever way that it happens, and it will happen every 3rd Saturday of the month.

Or every Saturday night, if that’s how it works out.

We hope to see you there!


– nate.

* On Town Center Drive. Formerly Java n’ Jazz.
** Though, I guess it’s not really even required for you to be wearing black and white…


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